Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Wishlist-26


IT ALL ENDS...on my birthday! Tragic, I know.

(1) REALLY hoping to see it this weekend!

(2) DOTS

(3) My bloggy friend Jenni, just announced her photography shop on Etsy, Box o' Chocolates! I heart her cupcake prints!

(4) Birthday present to myself: NARS-Orgasm blush.
It's gotten rave reviews on Allure and from many bloggers.
I will be posting my own review on it!

(5) This wish ring:

(6) A trip to Indy to see Miss Chelsea- aka Pippa!
Doesn't she look like Pippa Middleton in this picture??? 



 (7) Cake Stands from this lovely little shop.



Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Aww, Michelle! Thanks for linking to my shop!!! You're the best. Have I told you that lately??

And I soo wish you lived closer, so I could take you to see Harry Potter for your bday. I CANNOT WAIT TIL IT COMES OUT!!! But, like you, I am super depressed that it's the last one. BOO.

Ashley said...

Oh no... I don't want everything to end on your birthday! ;) That cupcake queen shirt is adorable... I think you 'need' that one.

Chelsea sooo looks like Pippa! How cool if you could go visit for your bday.

The next best thing to hanging with Pip... Chelsea would be a beach day with me! No? (: Let's make it happen sometime soon.

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

oo exciting! looks like a great list! i hope you have a fantastic birthday! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Ashley said...

Ah! I want to see the new Harry Potter too!

Lauren said...

CRAZY!! She totally looks like Pippa, haha!!!! YAY for your birthday, my friend!! Hope I get to see you this weekend!!!! :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

fun bday wish-list!!! im totally gonna see HP this weekend, too - so will be thinking about you. and you must get a DOTS shirt - i have the cupcake queen one and LOVE it sooo much!!!

Miss Chelsea said...

oh gosh you're makin me blush

Caroline said...

Love all of the cupcakes! And Chelsea does look like Pippa! :)

Val said...

Hope you birthday is wonderful....The cupcake shirts are so adorable.

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, Chelsea totally does look like Pippa in that picture!!!

Aren't Jenni's pictures amazing???

I can't wait for Harry Potter...addicted!!

Happy almost birthday!!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hahaha Chelsea's head is HUGE now!!!

She looks like Pippa!

I want some of those cupcakes! OMG! Mouth.is.watering!

Rebekah said...

I love your birthday list! I love all the cupcake things!

MJ said...

Yay!! Almost birthday time :)

Send me your address, k love?

Hope you're having a fabulous week leading up to a wonderful birthday!!!

Lori said...

I canNOT wait to see Harry Potter. I can't believe it's all coming to an end :( Love that ring though!

Perpetual Blind Date said...

She really does look like Pippa in that picture. Too fun!

carissa said...

they are definitely look-a-likes. what a lucky girl, that chelsea is!!! ha ha!

i haven't to jump on the harry potter train... i just might yet!

happy early birthday, beautiful gal.

Rachel said...

Yay happy birthday! Um that is the biggest honor ever to have HP on your birthday! i wish it was me. Am def sad but it will be a very fond farewell to the boy who lived =)

Kris said...

Cupcake shirts are so cute! Love your blog, I'm a new follower!

Megan said...

Awwww, the cupcake shirts are adorable! You definitely need one!

Anna of IHOD said...

I am dying to see Harry Potter!!
And those Tee's are amazing!! I want!
Happy birthday week!! YAY!!!!
Throwing confetti in your honor!

Alisha said...

Yay for birthday celebrations AND wishlists!! Great list by the way ;) I heart Jenni's photography too. She's got a great eye. And girl, you definitely need that cupcake queen shirt stat!


Laura Elizabeth said...

Cupcakes pictures are such an awesome idea... why didn't I think of that?!

Brittany said...

I love the cupcake queen tee! SO CUTE!