Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Post- Spencer and Kylie

 Happy Friday!!! Today's guest post is by a sweet girl, whom I happen to stumble upon her blog after some sweet comments she left on mine. I stalked her blog for at least an hour. It's amazing. Humbling. Beautiful. Inspiring. I am so happy, that at last minute, Kylie was able to do a guest post for me! Y'all need to hop on over to her blog after reading this and follow along with them on their journey!! Thanks again Kylie! -xoxo


my name is kylie.
i am married to my best friend,
and we are currently humanitarian photographers
and videographers in south america for a
humanitarian organization called
we love what we do. we love bringing real people's
stories to life through film.
you can see our work here.
what inspires me to do what i do?
to be who i am? 
1. old people
i just can't get enough of old people. not only are they wise, but they are adorable. when two old geezers have been loving each other for years and years, and they still hold hands and do the little things that used to make a young buck's heart skip a beat, i can't help but just feel the love and try to emulate that in my own life and marriage.
2. children
children. especially children on the other side of the world. the children who live different lives than me are fascinating and humbling. they teach me so much about how simple life can be - and how little you really need to be happy. children laugh, smile, play and love freely. within minutes of arriving in a village, i am surrounded by chicitos holding my hands and giving me hugs. my heart literally explodes with love every time i see little babes wrapped up in a poncho on their mum's back, or when they chase after me with the camera to catch a glimpse of themselves on live replay. they make the world a happier place. period.
3. poverty
We love Angél and his sweet little home
poverty is hard. it is unfair. it is disheartening. and it is preventable. i choose to travel to places where luxuries are not easy to come by, and where the given necessities like running water and electricity are rare. these experiences teach me to be humble - to count my many blessings - to reach outside of my little comfortable box and help people around me who don't have such comforts. they just need a little help. i can be that help and YOU can, too.
4. travel
Hiking in Amaru
who doesn't love to travel? my triplet sisters and i run a blog called traveling triplets and we sell handmade vintage items from around the world at our little shop. traveling is full of adventure - free spirit - no plans - and learning. i absolutely love exploring this world we all share, and finding ways to make that happen is just a priority in my life.
5. my sisters
as an identical triplet, i grew up with two sissies right there by my side. we shared beds, a room, a car, clothes, and everything in between. we never left one another's side until we gradually married off. to this day we are the best of friends - they inspire me to be good, to do good and to live a happy and creative life. they are more than just sisters to me - they are literally a part of my heart that can never be separated. i love them to the moon and back.
6. families
families are why we are here on this earth - to live, love and be happy. when i travel or volunteer abroad, to bond with families and see people's lives change for the better because of something i was able to do or help with is valuable beyond words. strong families who care for one another deeply and are willing to do anything for each other make the world a safer place to be. everyone needs to be loved.
7. humility
let's face it. we live in a world of technology, luxuries, materialism and consumerism. sometimes you just need to step away from the computer, turn off the TV, put away the iPod and silence your iPhone and "tune out" of the world. take yourself outside. get outdoors. go somewhere new. see what life is like in your own backyard. in your own communities. on the other side of the globe. i am always humbled to travel near and far and see children who wear the same clothes for months and months, tattered and torn and dusty from days of no bathing and i remind myself, "i really don't need all that much."
8. photography/videography
it's what keeps me learning, growing, thinking, seeing and dreaming. when i am behind the lens i am in the creative zone. it is my outlet - my escape - and my passion. i love nothing more than capturing moments that otherwise are forgotten or erased by failed memories.

life is oh so good.
there are so many wonderful people.
places. experiences. opportunities.
take advantage of that.
be inspired.

i hope you will come stop by my blog
and say hello!



Ashley said...

Nice to meet you Kylie! I love what you wrote about children. My husband and I don't have any, but we would love to some day. Just yesterday I was talking about how children love freely and are usually always joyful.... we all need to try and be a little more like a child. (:

Joelle said...

What a beautiful post! Such wonderful reasons to serve and do good in the world :)


Megan Knarr-Urquilla said...

i love this ky! especially the part about your sissies :) you my bestest friend! great guet post and as always, very inspiring. everybody loves your photos!
(this is your sis meg from knardz email, we're hanging out and i'm making her a bloggy!)

melissa said...

I love Kylie's blog :)

I absolutely love her photos and videos! So jealous of all the traveling and humanitarian work she gets to do..jealous in a good way :)

This is a great list. I agree with each + every one of these. This lists inspires me too.

Laura Nelson said...

I LOVE THIS KYLIE! You are inspiring :) Im going to go check out more photos now! :)

Alisha said...

Great photos, Kylie!! Love your story of traveling and helping so many people all across the world. It's so brave and wonderful!! You and Spencer are awesome people! :)

Mariel Torres said...

Awesome guest post Kylie darling! You are absolutely inspiring.


Hannah said...

Beautiful post! :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Kylie! This was THE most PERFECT post ever. Love LOVE learning all about you. :) You are such an inspiration. xx

Kylie said...

thank you everyone for your sweet comments! and thank you michelle for this FUN opportunity!


Brooke&Tyson said...

wow such a great post and so inspiring!!

Funmilayo I. said...

Whoa, how awesome is that! Both her and her husband have one of the coolest jobs ever!