Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Post- Soldier Boy

Hey y'all! I am back from my mission trip! I'll be doing a recap this week.
BUT today I have a special treat for y'all!!

Friends, meet David. 
Aka- 'My favorite soldier' {as all my twitter peeps know him as} 
You also may remember him from this post.  

It's nice to have a man blogging in a ladies world today! 
Very brave. 

So, let's give him a warm welcome!


What's Up With This Blogging Stuff?

Well, as you can tell by the title, I’m a little out of touch with this whole blogging world. But this chica (Michelle) introduced me to it. And at times while being deployed, a soldier can get really bored. The picture below describes it perfectly. 

If y'all havent noticed, I’m a goofy type of guy, just ask Michelle.   

Ok ok. I’ll tell a little about myself.  I grew up in FL in typical white boy neighborhood. Have two brothers. One 14 months younger than me, and then my identical twin. Sadly he is a Marine, but I won’t hold it against him. I’m currently employed by an organization called the U.S. Army.  Don’t ever work for them, lol.  J/K. I’m on my 4th deployment/vacation with the military….ummm…oh ya, what do I do in the Army? Well, I am a 'Grunt' aka Infantry, I also have a secondary job as a Combat Engineer.  Neither one is a very safe job but then again, we don’t live in a very safe world.

{Me, Jon (aka Twin), little bro-Michael}

Well, lets start off with this girl that I know and how she helped fill my boring days of being in Afghanistan full of fun.

I remember Michelle in HS, and just out of the blue I get a FB message from her, found out she was totally stalking me, but that’s totally cool with me, I mean how many guys do you know that has a hot girl stalking them?? I sure as heck don’t.  So shortly after, our friendship hit off pretty good. I mean, I got a kick ass care package with some crazy good “Epiclicous” cupcakes. By the way…I’m Black on cupcakes, Michelle.  (Black-military term for having nothing left) Soo, gonna need a refill. :)
That’s pretty much it. Next time I’ll teach you guys…err, I mean ladies, cause I think its mostly a woman audience that is on this Blogging thing, how to make a home made explosive torpedo! 


Sandy a la Mode said...

nice to meet him! i have to say, i don't know very many male bloggers but it's nice to see they are out there!

Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

Haha...loved this post! :)

Rebekah said...

I love that he did this for you! Very sweet!

Mateya said...

This is so sweet! What a cutie :)

Now get that man some cupcakes! :)

Mere said...

Haha I love this guest post from your soldier! :) He seems like a cool guy. And I love that you sent him a fb message! Taking initiative!
Is his younger brother single? :p

Miss Chelsea said...

Michelle, please bake this man some cupcakes and let him get back to his army duties, before he comes back to blogging and tries to teach us how to build weapons of mass destruction ;)

Makay said...

Going to follow- NOW.



Sarah said...

Love it! What a great picture of all three. Makes me feel old :)

Jessica said...

yay for men on the blogs! good bless you "favorite soldier".. be safe!

Emily said...

ill definitly be checking back for the how to home made torpedo explosive ;)

Marshall said...

haaaa! soldier man, this was awesome. well done.

(though my marine husband is laughing at you...)


Brooke&Tyson said...

aw so thankful that we finally get to put a face with his name... I'm so glad he blogged :)