Thursday, November 17, 2011

Got Milk??

Y'all. I love milk. 
Better yet, I LOVE chocolate milk.

I don't like to think about what all is in food because I easily get grossed out by it.

Take shrimp for example. 
If I think about how slimy it is or how it smells, I won't be able to eat it.
Other times, I will pop em right in my mouth.

Back to milk. 

Until yesterday, I loved it.

Thanks to this post from Raven {A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers} and this post, I can no longer drink a nice cold large glass of cow milk. 

WARNING: If you read those WILL spoil your milk.

Thinking about it makes me want to vomit. 

As of today, I am now a soy milk drinker. 

I tried some Silk chocolate soy milk.

Y'all...that stuff tastes like dirty water! I had to chug it down. 

But apparently it is way better for you. It has 50% more calcium! 

Hope soy milk and I will learn to love each other.

Do y'all drink soy milk? What's your favorite?

Have y'all read Skinny Bitch? I'm scared to.

What about rice milk? 

Help me.

PS- don't worry, I am not going all vegetarian on you. this girl loves her meat... but I do need to eat more veggies.


Miss Chelsea said...

Don't even tell me about it please. I love love love chocolate moo cow milk

Mrs. Monologues said...

Well there goes my love of milk...I actually watched that while drinking milk. Ugh barfs.

Shannon said...

I don't drink regular milk, ever. I've been drinking soy milk for a while now and I love it. I agree that the chocolate Silk soy milk is not the best so I would buy the sugar free vanilla Silk soy and a bottle of chocolate syrup. The vanilla with the chocolate gives it a creamy flavor which is much better. I also drink almond milk a lot which is really good. To me it is closer in taste to regular milk. Soy milk is a bit creamier. I would give the almond milk a try. I have some in my coffee right now!

Emily said...

like you Im pretty easily influenced. therefore I wont be checking that out. My teacher decided to show us a video of how hotdogs are made...lets say I havent eaten one since and I feel like I might gag a little the next time I try to eat one. I hate when people ruin food for me!!!

Sarah said...

I drink Almond milk which I like SO much more than soy. I've also heard some bad things about too much more thing to research :)

Ashley said...

Oh heck to the no, I am not watching whatever video it is you're talking about. I like me some real milk. I tried a sip, and that's being generous, of soy milk once.... yeah, once. It was so not close to real milk I just couldn't imagine myself drinking it.

Sam {} said...

eeeep. i love and hate learning stuff like this. i want to live a healthy life, but it's so hard to give up things i love :)

Maggy said...

yes! I drink it, but only the good and no skim and not very often. I like good chocolate soy milk on occasion...but it's not the same. I am curious what you read on the blogs, but I don't want to be spooked!

Mama bear said...

I drink Almond Milk. It tasts MUCH better than icky chalk soy milk! It comes in chocolate as well!

Megan said...

Yeah, I read that post by Raven and the other post. I was freaked out and texted my husband about how we can never drink milk again. Anddddd after a few days, that passed. Hahaha. We still have a big ole gallon of milk in the fridge.

Ashley said...

totally switched over to almond milk and I LOVE IT. i never drink plain milk though - only choco. i like silk (the 35 calorie kind) and almond breeze....seriously so yummy!

Sandy a la Mode said...

YES!! silk chocolate soy milk has been my drink of choice this pregnancy! we have it in our fridge all the time!! we also like almond milk too!!! :)

Raven said...

hahaha love this!! ok, so I don't drink soy. I actually drink rice milk, and they have the best chocolate rice milk too that my kids love. Have you tried that? You totally should, it takes SO good. And, I think using ricemilk in your cereal tastes NO different then real milk, are you a cereal person?

and read Skinny Bitch! Seriously, it will change your life. And then we can talk all about it :)

Raven said...

oh and that comment someone made above about how hot dogs are made?? DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT HAHAHAHA!!!

Mere said...

Vanilla soy milk is my favorite! I can't stand the taste of regular milk now because I'm hooked on vanilla soy! :)

Nicole said...

Hey girl. Before you start drinking soy milk, I suggest you do some research on it. It is absolutely terrible for you. Some European countries are even beginning to put warning stickers on their soy milk because it has been linked to breast cancer, infertility, and thyroid issues. Just check it out and do some research before you put that stuff in your body!