Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Miscellany Loves

Ever have one of those days where you just want a 'restart' button?! Today is one of those days. And yes, I know it is only 8am. It all started because of Jax being constipated (tmi??) and ended with spilling coffee on my white shirt on the way to work. C'mon Tuesday...be nice to me. Hope y'all are having a much better day than I!


{picture is of him}

{you may have noticed a new button at the very bottom of this page}

a shop full of cute mugs, necklaces, bracelets to support her sweet furbaby Bella's surgery!

Remember Kylie from the flybird? She guest posted for me last month.
Check out the video of what her and Spencer have spent the past 6 dedicating their life to. It's beautiful.

MAN WEEK (a week full of giveaways for men) over at Wild & Precious



Miss Chelsea said...

hope your day gets better pretty lady

Marshall said...

yes, hope your days gets soo much better! wish i could bring you a bottle of wine to your work with chocolate. ;)

AaReAn said...

Oh no! Hate those days...either a restart button or fast forward button would be nice in this circumstance! ha hope it goes better for you as the days goes one!


p.s. you should totally come check out my giveaway for this week! I think you'd love it! colorissue.blogspot.com

Kylie said...

thanks for the shoutout! wonderful. you are kind. love this!

Megan said...

I just totally love that you are supporting Ashley and The Grace Project!!