Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what... if in order to spell Wednesday correctly, I mouth WED-NES-DAY.

So what... if I am falling for someone I have not seen in a very long time who lives very far away.

So what... if I am all hot and bothered by an argument on Facebook between Science and The Bible or Aethiests and Christians. 

So what... if a co-worker buying me a Dr. Pepper makes my day 10x better. 

So what... if I don't understand all this 'honey badger' talk. Seriously, I don't get it. 

So what... if I took a whole bag of cinnamon swirl bagels from our break room. What? My co-worker said he put them in there for whoever wants them. They are my favorite. First come first serve, right?

So what... I spent almost the entire day yesterday talking to my man friend via FB Chat instead of doing real work....and then was annoyed when someone asked me for something. Ha. 

So what... if I am not a fan of Miranda Lambert's new CD. Baggage Claim and Easy Living are my only favorites. 

So what... if I have spent my nights browsing Pinterest instead of doing something more productive?

So what... if all I am looking forward to today is the CMA's with my two friends Ben&Jerry tonight.



kaitlin said...

ha ha i am good friends with ben&jerry as well :) this made me laugh!

Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

Love this list! I tend to look at realtor websites while I'm at work..and so annoyed when someone asks me for something. Can't they see I'm busy doing non-work things! :)

Miss Chelsea said...

b & j are the best friends a girl could have!

The Pettijohn's said...

I laughed when I seen your Wednesday comment. I do the same thing. I am also addicted to Pinterest.

Ashley said...

I want to hang out with you and your friends, Ben & Jerry, tonight too! That sounds perfect.

I spent a little time browsing Pinterest last night when I should have been sleeping.... it's super addictive. (:

Christina said...

-Love that the CMA's are on tonight!
-Yay for boys and fb chat :)
-I actually love Miranda Lamberts new cd!

Joelle said...

You definitely don't need to apologize for spending so much time on Pinterest these days. Pretty sure we all do it ;)


Perpetual Blind Date said...

we can have a virtual date because I will be watching the same thing with the same two friends! Have a good afternoon!! - Sarah

Rissy said...

now I'd kind of like to skip dinner and eat some Ben and Jerry's... or a bagel... or maybe I'll dip a bagel in ice cream like a real freak haha jk ; )

I think being genuinely interested in someone is exciting and great no matter where they live.

Bloggers have officially gotten me excited for the CMAs!

Melissa said...

I am soo excited for the CMA's too! I haven't bought Miranda's new CD, but it was on my list for this weekend...I love baggage claim, but it sounds like the CD doesn't live up to the hype?

siddathornton said...

pretty much in love with this entire list (and thinking i'm going to have to do a 'so what wednesday' asap... which i guess would mean next wednesday, right?) i also have to sound out wed-nes-day in my head in order to spell it right.

and my coworker & i buy each other red bulls & other such treats & leave them on each other's desks - it works like a charm to turn a blah day into a happy one!

Taylor B. said...

I think your friends Ben and Jerry are fabulous! I don't judge :)

BARBIE said...

Love it!

Sojo said...

:) love you and love this list!!! funny, my sister came home with the honey badger vs. cobra shirt, and it was the first time I heard of it! I don't get it either! miss you!

Marshall said...

The first and Last were my favorites. I would loooove to spend an evening with you and ben and j. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and you? YES PLEASE!