Thursday, November 3, 2011



Every now and then a song 'hits' me. 
A song that I hear over and over again, but never think much about.
Some songs make me wanna lift my hands in praise. 
Thank Jesus.

Oh, what an awesome God we have.

Love this song so much:

Thanks to everyone who gave me some great bible studies to look into! BUT I wasn't actually asking for a BIBLE STUDY. I was asking for rec's on a STUDY BIBLE. Yes, there is a difference! So if you know of some good ones, let me know! Sorry for the confusion and thanks again!


Ren said...

My favorite Study Bible is the Life Application Bible! It's great, so much information, when I read it, not only am I reading God's word, but the history/background and everything in between! It's great!

Amanda said...

this will always be one of my favorite songs! i love the part..."all the tears i've cried, you hold in your hands". love ya girl!

BlessedMama said...

Bahaha, yep I totally read it wrong. Check out Lifeway, they probably have some good ones!

Love that song too :D

Alisha said...

LOVE that song!

There's something about a great song - I can hear a song over and over and not really hear it (if that makes sense), but it's not until something in my life that I'm going through actually reflects something from that song that it comes back into my life at the right time. :)

God has a funny way of doing that sometimes!


siddathornton said...

that quote up at the top of this entry is one of my all-time favorites <3

BJJ said...

Let's go to Lifeway one day and look at Study Bibles. I lost my study one in the fire and need a new one as well... your recent posts have reminded me of that.

And this song, oh my gosh... it has spoken to me so much this past year and it was well-used in inspiration to people in the tornado damaged areas. Thanks for sharing to the blogosphere... it is a beautiful testimony of song :)

Sarah said...

LOL - Study bible.....can't help you there :)