Monday, February 6, 2012

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge!

{trying on my maid of honor dress!}

Obsessing over... Hummus; how amazing the concerts I went to this weekend were!

Working on... my workout/food schedule for the week; wedding planning stuff for the sister.

Thinking about... chocolate, the week ahead of me and why on earth are fish oil pills ginormous?!

Anticipating... April. Hawaii. Soldier Boy. Enough said.

Listening to... Hunter Hayes-Storm Warning; Colbie Caillat-Brighter Than the Sun

Eating... healthy and loving it. Today's lunch/snacks: veggie burger with hummus and spinach; baby applesauce (what?! it has no corn syrup!); rice cakes.

Wishing... I could find a part time job. The economy and living in Orlando aren't helping matters.


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I totally know how you feel about job frustration- i'm in Sacramento CA and it feels like there is nothing out there! So frustrating! Hope you find a job soon!!!


Bon Bon said...

Love the gorgeous self-portrait:-) MOH?! So exciting! Sending you lots of job-hunting well wishes today! xoxo

Cassandra Johnson said...

Oohh, what concert did you go to? I went & saw Eric Church on Thursday. He was amazing!!! Pics are up on the blog today if you want to see.

This is probably gross, but whatever, haha. Do the fish oil pills make you burp? I got the burpless but they still make me have "baby" burps & they're GROSS! Yum, huh? HAHA

Beth @ the city said...

I posted the self portrait challenge today too :) Love that dress...what color is it?!

Miss Chelsea said...

You should anticipate jamaica in july. just throwin it out there

Annie said...

well first of all, YOU are GORGEOUS!!! love that picture!!
i hope the wedding planning is going well! did you try anything with flowers??
i kind of miss eating healthy and need to get my rear in gear, i've been eating so bad. all the foods you've been eating sound delicious! do you have a trader joes near you? i feed cullen applesauce from there, it's organic and only apples. nothing else added. he loves sweet potato rice cakes too ;) i really should eat like my child! haha

Sarah Dawneé said...

Aw...That is so fun/sweet that your picture was taken while trying on your maid of honor dress. =)

I'm from the link-up party.

Amanda said...

i have wondered the same thing about fish oil pills!!!!! LOL!!!! and you look gorgeous in your always!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Hawaii in April with your main man!?!? How exciting!!! :)

BJJ said...

Great post! You look fabulous in your self-photo and of that MOH dress. How funny that we both posted our wedding party attire yesterday and didn't even realize. Love it. MISS YOU! You're my priority hang out person when I get back from Charlotte. Let's hang Monday night!!

BJJ said...

P.S. Millie takes fish oil and I wondered the same thing. No wonder you hate taking pills if you take those suckers!'