Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Jax, I love how much of a cuddle bug you are in the mornings, but you make it so hard to get outta bed! 

Dear Red Ball, you had a good run. Sorry you didn't last longer under the wrath of Jax and his pit bull jaws. 

Dear Mickey Mouse Cupcakes, you were so fun to make last night! Dear 3 miles, I will own you, soon, very soon. 

Dear body, I am impressed with you. Loving the changes!

Dear Ben Howard, I've been playing your song Keep Your Head Up over and over the past few days. LOVE!

Dear Michael's craft store, went in for some baking cups, came out with some sweet new running shorts. Score!

Dear Hawaiian time, we are slowly getting along. 

Dear Hawaii, see you in 22 days! 

Dear Jesus, there is so much I am thankful for. Life is good these days. It hasn't been this way in a very long time. You are so good.

Dear Soldier Boy, messaging you 7 months ago was the best decision I ever made. Miss you!


ps- thank you for the prayers, thoughts and sweet comments on my last post! soldier boy is thoroughly enjoying his 72 hour pass and appreciates all the welcome home love.


Shannon Marie said...

Love these Friday posts! Keep them coming! :) xo

melanie said...

YUMMY cupcakes! and, i'm jealous of your hawaii trip!

Kendra said...

Totally saw those neon shorts at Michaels yesterday! I stopped looked and promtly walked away telling myself I have WAYY too much workout clothes to ebgin with.

Ashley said...

I'm loving these letter posts :) Those Mickey cupcakes are adorable!!! Have a great weekend, lady!

Alexa said...

So fun! Exciting about Hawaii! :)

Chelsea said...

Such a cool post! Love the Disney cupcakes! :)

Michelle said...

Cutest cupcakes ever!! I'm working on running 3 miles...I'm trying! But after several weeks I can succesfully run 1 mile. How lame am I?! I don't know why running is so impossible for me :) But I'm making progress!

And Hawaii? I would say more but jealousy is currently preventing me. :)

Adrienne said...

Awww! Love it :) Happy Weekend! The Mickey Mousecakes are adorable! And Jax cuddling? Love it :)

Courtney B said...

Those cupcakes are SO CUTE! Annnnd they look so yummy :) ha ha!
I can't remember if I asked you... which Island are you going to? We are going in May!