Thursday, May 3, 2012

what my twenties are teaching me

I've been loving Sarah's series on What My Twenties Are Teaching Me. I was super excited that she announced she was going to do a link-up today so that we can all write our own posts about it. 

If you were to ask me, this time last year, if I 'liked' my 20's, I would say hells-to-the-no. Why? Well I've been through a lot in my 20's. I'm talking very low points, multiple heartbreaks, struggles with my relationship with Christ, with my family, school, career and I also experienced the loss of many, too many, people very dear to me. 

 Sadly, I spent most of my early 20's envious of all the wonderful relationships, engagements, marriages, babies, blah blah blah. I always whined "When the hell would it be my turn?" Ugh. Thankfully I overcame that jealousy. I mean, who am I to be envious of someone else's life?! I chose to hold on to the promise that God is good and he has big things in store for my life far better than I could ever imagine. But that doesn't mean I wasn't upset with him and that I didn't long for it. My early 20's were also spent getting trashed and partying all the time. I found comfort in it. It hid my insecurities, my problems, etc.

So what have my twenties taught me so far?

I've learned that "I am worth it, I am beautiful, that I deserve nothing but the best, to never settle for anything less than that. In a society that makes every single woman feel insecure, with their abnormally skinny or photo shopped models, it was something I experienced for many years. It was hard to overcome, especially with the way boys treated me, but I eventually did gain confidence and an appreciation for the body that God blessed me with.

I've learned that life is far too short to worry about the petty things. We should live in love, spread it everywhere we go. Love, as much as possible, the ones we are blessed to have with us here on earth, for they can be gone in an instant. Don't take life for granted. Enjoy every moment.

I learned a whole heck of a lot about myself and relationships. This was a huge turning point for me. I realized I knew nothing about myself and about how to have a true relationship. I mean why should I? I had nothing but messed up relationships in the past. I learned to love and be happy with just myself. Not feeling the need to be with someone to make me feel complete. Your relationship with yourself is so important for the relationships you have with others.

I've learned to dream and that failures are okay. It was the courage to pursue the dream that makes it worth it. So many people dream and dream but never go after them. I did and I will continue to pursue those dreams.

"You have to take the good with the bad, the smile with the sad, love what you got, and remember what you had. Always forgive, but never forget, learn from your mistakes, but never regret."


It wasn't until recently (this year) that I had a total turn around with my life. I watched a video that talked about how God sometimes takes his children the long way around. Yep, God took me the long  route. I am so very thankful for that. I still have so much more to learn and experience, but I know I will be able to embrace it much better. 


Marshall said...

Love your honesty, Michelle!

Holly said...

Such great lessons, I love this post! You ARE beautiful and worthy of God's love and glory!!

Ashley Marie said...

I'm glad when God takes me the long way or as I like to call it the scenic route =)

Sometimes when people present their lives as being perfect with no cares, it is hard not to feel envious on some level. That's when I step back and take a moment to thank God for all the amazing blessings I have in my life =)

Happy Friday Sweet Girl!

Sarah Tucker said...

beautiful mich!

Lauren said...

I <3 this!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rebekah said...

This is just beautiful, friend! I'm so glad that you watched that video.

Kendra said...

I love this post. It is just a true and hoenst post. I am so happy for things that have been occuring in your life lately. Seems like God is taking control! Have a wonderful weekend!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

I love this post!! I think that your 20s are the hardest yet! It is a huge growing and learning period...full of laughter and tears too. I like to think we've both made it through with smiles though :)