Sunday, July 8, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Aloha, friends!
{no, im not in Hawaii yet}

*In six days i'll be 27... ughhhhhhhh. gross. I don't like odd numbers. and hubby won't be here. 

*Had a much need weekend full of sunbathing and beer. Seriously, I needed that vitamin d.

*I am officially Mrs SB. We've been married for a month!? It definitely hasn't been easy. We miss each other so much that is causes us to have petty little fights. We are figuring each other out and dealing with things all long distance. It's been hard but it makes us stronger. We can't wait for August! Love my hubby so so much. 

*I bought some goodies for myself (Happy Birthday to me). I'm hoping to show em off to y'all this week. Right now, dresses and workout clothes make me oh so happy.

*Something else to show off... my arms. They're starting to look so so good. Not to brag, but I've really been trying to get them toned. I'm doing James Wilson's workout program for those interested.



Mish Lovin' Life said...

hey there, guns! lookin good girlfriend! :) hang in there with the long distance...August will come before you know it. xoxo

Kenj said...

long distance is so so hard! My boyfriend moved to's hard, but it can be fun at times and makes you appreciate them so much more. You are looking awesome girl, keep it up!!

Chrissi said...

looking great {married} girlfriend!!


ps, will you be moving to him or him to you?

Natasha said...

Whoa! Your arms DO look good! Clicking through to your workout recommendation after this comment is posted ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Love your blog btw.


christine donee said...

happy birthday!!

BlessedMama said...

I am sure it is a happy late birthday now :) Hope you had a great one. I love work out clothes too...
I just still can't believe y'all are married. That is so awesome, God is Great! I will be praying for your guys and your long distance, August will be here before you know it! XO

Adrienne said...

Happy happy birthday lovely!

I hope it was a splendid one!

Marriage is SO much fun and I will be honest it is quite difficult [at least it was for us!] in that first year but the growth is SO worth it.

God will humble you in ways you never imagined and move in big ways, so don't fight it! I LOVE power of a praying wife and Love + Respect. They're both a tad on the cheesy side, but the messages are clear and those two books have seriously impacted our marriage in huge ways.

Praying for you bloggy-friend and know you've always got advice and support in prayer and friends, so don't be afraid to ask!

Sorry for the unsolicited advice, haha! I just would love to see God bless and grow others and truly LOVED the wisdom brought to me in our first year!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Happy Birthday!!! 27 was a good year for me!
Hang in there! Long distance is hard!!! :)