Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy

All In My Twenties

Yesterday I was catching up on Raven's blog and I found her new link up and thought it was perfectly awesome and inspiring because I have been down in the dumps this week.

Since this is my first time linking up I'll share some stuff. I eat pretty clean on the regular, no real issue there. One of the best lifestyle/diet changes I made. *You can really only receive the full results you want by eating clean.* (I highly recommend checking out Jamie Eason's LiveFit program. It's free, too!) I was working out 5-6 days a week on this killer workout program when I was back home in Florida. I really started to see some nice definition. Well then came my sisters wedding, moving to Hawaii with no access to a gym because of no car. I tried running outside in the morning since I have free time since I am currently jobless but that was a big fat no go. I was bored. I wanted my weights back. Surprisingly and thankfully I haven't gained any weight but I have lost some muscle and strength. Boo.

Well... I got a car this past weekend so I bucked up the courage today to check out a Spin class on base. I was soooo nervous y'all. This is my first interaction on base, in a new town and state for that matter, a new gym and new lifestyle.

I survived. I felt SO good afterwards. Freaking LOVE endorphins. I didn't really talk to the other ladies in the class with me but it wasn't all that bad. The spin instructor wasn't the best nor was the music but I got my butt kicked. I am gonna go every day during the week now til I get a job and then I'll have to figure something else out. I freaking live in Hawaii. I need a nice beach bod people!

What I am more excited about is that this gym has the basic equipment for me to be able to do some Crossfit workouts! Woop woop! Thinking I might try that out tomorrow. 

I hope to post some progress pictures, eventually, once I can get a set routine!

Go check out the link up!

Get out there and work up a sweat!!




Kristine Foley said...

Work it girl! Good for you for going out of your comfort zone! I've never taken a spin class, but have heard so many amazing things about it. I swear if I lived in a place where 99.9% of the time people live in their swim suits it would really get my bum moving. Or I'd hope anyway :) Good luck on the weights!

Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

Lora said...

I've heard so much about the crossfit program but have never actually read into it. I think I will do so now. Great job on spin's always so hard to force yourself to go to something like that the first time!

Stopping by from the linkup. :)

Kim @ said...

nice!! love the pic and love the info! gonna check out this livefit stuff. one of the things i struggle with the most is eating clean but i actually like a lot of simple foods but i hate to prepare/cook so that's my problem!

thanks for sharing!

Amy G. said...

Yay for trying new things! Endorphins really are the best and it's great that you were able to get out to the spin class! Keep it up :) I found you via the link up and your blog is too cute!

Amanda said...

Found you through the linkup. That's awesome you live in Hawaii now and of course that you went to spin. Spin is killer, it scares me! Good luck! :)

Caroline said...

I've never tried a spin class. In fact, they scare me!

Jessica said...

yay Crossfit! I am so addicted! Although, i just took a few days off while I was on vacation & I am kicking my self for it. It's so nice to get in a routine and the feeling after a workout is so great! good luck

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

ive always wanted to try spin but im SO not a gym person at all...only pilates so i feel like i'd look like an idiot...but maybe ill try it...just found your blog! come by sometime & say hello! xo

Brooke said...

Im proud of you for going to the base for a work out! 4 years into being married, and I am still a nervous wreck when I have to go on base for ANYTHING. I am always afraid I am gonna do something wrong (that I wouldn't know is wrong), and that they are gonna yell at me and embarrass me and take me to jail or something lol. Irrational? Probably! But while I have gotten better about knowing my way around a base at least a little, I've never had the nerve to try the gym! You are awesome! And if I was there too, I'd totally go with you :)

Traci Aerykssen said...

Hawaii! You lucky dog ;) that sure is motivation though!

Liz said...

You will LOOOOOVE Crossfit!!! There is nothing like it!!

BlessedMama said...

Yay for spin class. I have never done but just realized a new gym came into my town that offers spin classes & crossfit. I am sure both will probably kill me but I am so eager to try them.
Good Luck! XO

Janna Renee said...

I'm scared to go on base to work out too. Haha. I went once with the hubby, but haven't been back since. I've been thinking about beginning a work out regimen, so maybe I will attempt it.