Friday, October 5, 2012


When you are sick, bored and blog twice in a day.

It's not officially Friday here in Hawaii but oh well. It is on the east coast.
Can I get a TGIF? I get to spend the entire day with my Hubby.

 {link up}

SKINNYTASTE. I've talked about this site on this blog before, but I just have to mention it again. Seriously, this site never fails me. Gina is awesome. Recipes are easy. It's my go to site for a different dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because I get bored with my food. The dishes are healthy and so delicious and Hubby has loved everything I've made. Her recipes are also all over Pinterest. No surprise there!

SCENTSY. I am loving my Turkey Tom warmer and Mandarin Moon fragrance. Both are currently 10% off! Go browse the holiday collection too! It's like 80 some odd days til Christmas!

ID PUMPKIN PIE SPICE. My favorite Fall creamer!! Paired with Maui coffee...ohhh ya baby! I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow just so I can have this! Thank you Target! Oh, Apparently Hubby doesn't like pumpkin things. I'm gonna change that once I make a family favorite pumpkin pie. Mmmm. Gotta love all things pumpkin spice!

DR PEPPER. More like an everyday favorite rather then just a Friday favorite. I was craving one for days so this was like heaven in my mouth. TWSS? Uncalled for, sorry. Anyway, I also got excited because Circle K has styrofoam cups...score!

Have a great Friday & weekend!!!



Lindsey said...

I am obsessed with Gina and skinny taste too, not one recipe has ever failed me either! And so easy to follow! Love me some dp too. TGIF. It's technically not Friday on the west coast yet either.

Shannon Page said...

I need to try that creamer!! You live in Hawaii? I'm so jealous! I just honeymooned there in June! It's so beautiful! New follower from the link up:)

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE skinny taste! They have such great recipes!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Scentsy and Dr. Pepper!! These are definitely favorites of mine too! :)

Ashley said...

I cannot find any pumpkin flavored creamers anywhere around here. I don't get it. I NEED that pumpkin pie spice creamer. Ugh.

You are definitely going to have to change your husband's dislike for pumpkin. He's got to learn... it's what you eat each fall. ;) Best way is through the tummy. Have you been making any cupcakes recently?!

-Emily- said...

Oh my! I love THAT creamer, it's my fave...yum. I'm so far away from Starbucks so I have to make my own Pumpkin Spice Lattes--this is key ingredient!

Meri Kate said...

I have been wanting to try Scentsy for a while. The turkey warmer is so cute, I might just have to swipe it up. Same with the creamer! I love pumpkin flavored anything!

I love Skinnytaste too. Everything is so delicious!

Unfortunately I hate Dr.Pepper...

Lori said...

first of all, i love scentsy! i broke my warmer last year though :( i can't wait to try that creamer ... headed to the store later tonight to pick some up!

Chrissi said...

love your nail color! so pretty :) hope you had a great weekend with your hubby now that you're both well! XO