Sunday, September 30, 2012

Currently Wk 3

{us navy blue angels - kaneohe bay air show}

reading GLUTES magazine by Oxygen. Some good inspiration! 
writing a grocery list, thank you cards, thoughts/plans.
listening oh I have been jammin' to Mumford & Sons new cd Babel ALL WEEK! So so so good. The lyrics are amazing.
thinking i am hungry and tired, about my Scentsy party, the load of phone calls I have to make tomorrow {volunteered in the FRG for hubby's unit}.
smelling my 'welcome home' fragrance by Scentsy, I am in love with it. It really does welcome you home, it also reminds me of my mom.
wishing the days in this month would fly by so I can have my baby boy here already! and wishing we didn't live so far away from home.
hoping for a better week.
wearing a typical lazy Sunday outfit. Not a shocker there!
loving the time Hubby and I got to spend together this weekend. 
wanting to have a staycation with Hubby, donuts, to fly home.
needing a pedicure, aloe vera for my face, a job, a massage, breakfast, haha.
feeling hungover, but I don't know what from...booze or being in the heat and sun all day yesterday?
clicking job sites as usual, my Scentsy sites...

Enjoy the last day of September! 
Can you believe October is already here?!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


First and foremost...

MUMFORD & SONS new cd Babel is NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

I got my email around 9pm last night and well, I spent the rest of my night smiling and jammin out.
Reminiscing on the time I saw them live.... !!!!!
I just can't tell you how much I love this band. Best in ALL the land!
The CD is another amazing one by these fine men.
Make sure you get the Deluxe Edition on iTunes!



I am officially an Independent Scentsy Consultant

For those who are unfamiliar with what Scentsy is:

"Scentsy began with a simple idea — a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles — and quickly grew into one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world. This wickless concept is simply decorative ceramic warmers designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame."

Did you know that Scentsy fragrance bars last 60-80 hours?? Stop buying those over priced candles! With Scentsy you can easily change fragrances for every mood or season and the bars are just $5!

I LOVE the fragrances (over 80 of them!) and the warmers are so stylish! This month's warmer is a must-have adorable pumpkin and the scent of the month is caramel pear crisp and both are currently 10% off! I can't wait to get mine!

***I will be hosting an online launch party THIS Sunday, September 30. Each purchase made at my launch party, you will receive a special Scentsy gift of thanks from me!*** 

LIKE my Facebook page to get more info on my launch party, Scentsy's products, etc.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Currently- Wk 2

my sister and BIL at their wedding

reading blogs and my daily devotional. the daily morning routine lately.
writing this blog post and applying for jobs...story of my life, ugh. really trying to be patient and trust God has a great job waiting for me.
listening to Hubby yelling, NFL football, and the laundry... typical Sunday.
thinking i miss my family and friends, my baby Jax, im in major need of a pedicure, how much i am thankful for my Hubby, about becoming a Scentsy consultant.
smelling clean floors, apple cinnamon {trying to make it feel like fall here}, laundry. don't ya love the smell of clean clothes?
wishing for a job, to be patient, to learn to enjoy things without spending money, for world peace- what's going on over in the other side of the world is scary, for a FL thunderstorm, for another tattoo.
hoping to find a job, lol, to see family soon, that Jax's move out to Hawaii goes safely and smoothly- very anxious about it.
wearing pj's. don't judge me. it's lazy Sunday.
loving the Hubs, all the fall smells and decor, the sweet Hawaiian sunshine.
wanting to get my life together- i feel like it's in a million different directions.
needing a job- lol, a workout partner- i need serious motivation some days, chocolate.
feeling calm- love having Hubby to myself on the weekends, but still kinda sad. anxious for Jax's arrival to Hawaii, and wondering how I am going to do while Hubby is gone for a whole month for training.
clicking on blogs, job browsing/applying, browsing pinterest.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Hubby and I ventured out to explore a part of Hawaii we haven't been to. Drove along the farthest west coast of Oahu til the road ended at Kaena State Park in Waianae. 
{Side note- You can't drive around the entire coast of Oahu. It's private land.}

Fell in love with this area! In Waianae you won't see many Haole's (Hawaiian word for mainlanders, tourists, white people). Waianae you will find all the locals. The beaches are packed with large tents full of Hawaiian family and friends cooking out, chillin, enjoying socializing with each other. I love that! It's a different atmosphere here as compared to the tourist populated parts of Oahu. Anyway, Hubby and I plan to come back to have a beach day or two, and definitely for whale season.

*all photos taken with my iphone*

FYI- Tickets are CHEAP right now to fly out to Hawaii!!
cough cough mom, cough cough friends... just sayin'


Sunday, September 16, 2012


{late night date at Starbucks. me, my mac, and a psl}


reading where we belong, by emily giffin. a good beach read.
writing grocery shopping list.
listening to the two songs I am obsessed with right now... Gangnam Style and WOP
thinking i need to be still; spend more time in His word to get me through this transition in my life.
smelling coffee. yum.
wishing for things to brighten up.
hoping this week will be better than last week.
wearing lazy sunday clothes! my Dukes-Waikiki tank and shorts.
loving my new phone! finally went on Hubby's plan and got an iphone 4s. Hubby is getting the iphone 5 in a couple weeks. exciting stuff.
wanting to find a job already. i'm over sitting around the house and having no spending money of my own.
needing to run errands, but those can wait.
feeling tired. literally and figuratively.
clicking through pictures from my sisters wedding. they turned out so good!

{me and my iphone!}


Cheers to a lovely week and probably more dates with Starbucks and my Mac. 

Off to hike and explore a part of Oahu I haven't been yet! Yay!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Miscellany Monday

ALOHA! It's another Monday!

 *This week will mark ONE month since I have moved to Hawaii. Bittersweet feelings on that one. Luckily, I think I am handling this big life changer pretty decently. One day at a time...

*While my BIL/SIL were in town last weekend, we rescued a kitten that was I am guessing to be about 4-6 weeks old, which Hubby almost ran over. Took it home, soaked it in dial soap, killed probably a million fleas the poor thing was infested with, fed it, loved on it, played with it. We enjoyed it but I didn't want a cat and my sweet Jax doesn't get along too well with them. Yesterday, the kitten got a new home. It made my heart smile.

 *Hubby and I tried a new church today. Them Hawaiians know how to worship! Wow. I think we like it. I'm excited to get back into a church and hopefully can get connected with some awesome people! Time with God has been the last on my list lately. I need to change that!

*September 11 is Tuesday. Always such an eerie day as we all look back at where we were when we heard the news. May we take time to think and pray for the many families who lost loved ones in this horrific event.

*Hubby tried to kill me this week. JUST KIDDING. It was his night to make dinner. He excitedly said he had a great idea for dinner. Next thing I know he has MREs out! Ewwww! That stuff is just nasty!!! {FYI- MRE stands for Meals Ready to Eat for deployed soldiers} Oh, and don't worry. We ate a real dinner.

*College Football is rough over in Hawaii. The time difference sucks. Being the dedicated Ohio State fan that I am... Hubby and I were up at 5AM to head to a bar downtown to meet up with the Ohio State Alumni Club of Hawaii. IT WAS AWESOME! They dominated UCF, which it in Hubby and I's hometown and my brother goes to college there. My parents were actually at the game!! Lucky ducks. It was fun! Instead of beer I chose a more suitable approach for 6AM...mimosas!

*I shall leave y'all with this lovely photo of me and my SIL with some handsome Seamen at Pearl Harbor.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Treasuring the Weekends

Weekends have become something to be treasured for Hubby and I.

I barely see him during the week. He's up before the crack of dawn and in bed by 8pm. It gets lonely (partly because I still have yet to find a job) and I begin to really miss him. So again, we love the weekends around here.

We had a lovely long Holiday weekend... we even had a couple visitors in town! 

{Makapuu Lighthouse Trail} 

{SIL & BIL - Makapuu Lighthouse Trail} 

{Makapuu Lighthouse Trail}

{Waikiki- Diamond Head in the background}

{North Shore}

Hope y'all had a wonderful Labor day weekend!