Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Faking It

Let's talk hair.

I get bored with hair easily. But right now, I am trying to grow it out, so I gotta suck it up. I have been stalking Pinterest's Health & Beauty section. You all surely must be familiar with Kate from The Small Things Blog. She is like the hair guru of the Pinterest world. Luckily for me, she posted a video the other day on Faking Natural Curls.

This girl fakes it good! I mean, I don't believe that she doesn't have natural curly hair. Her hair is envious. Anyway, so I thought I would give it a shot.... but the cheaper version. Who has money to spend on high end hair products these days?! (I wish).

So off to Walmart I went, at 9pm at night. Left with a $15 Conair curling iron, Organix Moroccan Sea Salt Spray, and some curl enhancing spray from John Freida. 

The next morning I followed her tutorial to a T. I have never used a curling iron so it took some getting use to. A few burns on the fingers later...It turned out decent for being my first time. I was pretty pumped. My mom use to curl my hair with those old school curlers! I've done my hair about 4 times now. I looks better every time. I love it. But I wish someone else could do it for me and that my hair was longer and blonde, but oh well. My arms get SO tired, I have to take breaks. Pathetic I know. So overall I think Kate's tutorial is awesome, as well as her tips on hair. Visit her blog when you get a chance!

The only decent picture I have of my hair results:

{Hubby approved}

+Have any hair tips on growing hair out? 
+Favorite hair products for curls or affordable hair products I absolutely must have?
+Have any of you used the Not Your Mother line? 
+Any hair moisture tips or masks that you swear by? I see them on Pinterest but am nervous to try them.
+Favorite hair/beauty blogs?


Lauren said...

Looks gorgeous, friend!!! XO :)

Life After the Aisle said...

Take biotin! when I was growing my hair out I took some of that every day and it seemed to help. also get regular trims to continue promoting healthy growth =)

BeckyJo606 said...

I love your hair--so so pretty!! I will have to check out her blog--I am wanting to try that out but I am really hair challenged. ;)

I started taking prenatal vitamins about a year before we finally got pregnant and I swear they've made a huge difference on my hair growth--length and thickness! If you don't want to take prenatals, I definitely recommend a multivitamin. Even my fingernails have been growing like weeds! I do have naturally curly hair so my hair products are normally centered around anti-frizz but I really like moroccan oil hair products so much. I have used the It's a 10 line and I LOVE it. They make a great spray as well as a hair mask you put on for a different amount of time depending on what you want it to do. They sell it at Walmart now--and I am pretty sure I've seen it on amazon! Sorry for the world's longest comment. :)

Laura Darling said...

Love it!! I have always had fairly short, stick straight hair, so i don't have any good tips! But my roommate takes prenatal vitamins and her hair looks amazing!

Annalee said...

I have super curly hair naturally and I love anything moroccan oil - it keeps my hair really moisturized. And it smells great :)

Adrienne said...

Cute hair! I feel like I've been getting bored lately with my hair too- I want awesome hair!

It turned out really well- nice work lovely :)

Pilgrim said...

Cute picture of you two. :-)