Friday, March 29, 2013

High Five for Friday!

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Linking up with Lauren this week for High Five for Friday.
{"it's a chance to reflect on your week and remember some (five, to be exact) of your favorite things about it."}

1. I am really enjoying yoga lately. I have some minor back problems and yoga really does the trick. But i've also been sleeping horribly too and apparently yoga is a pretty good healer of this. So far so good. Plus it's a nice break in my day. Ya know, away from school and social media. I'd really like to learn the hard/badass poses! I've always been flexible but yoga makes me realize how much strength you really need in your core to do some of these poses and that it just takes time and practice for your body to lengthen and become more flexible. I am so intrigued with it. It's a constant work in progress. For now, these are poses I am pretty proud of:

camel pose

standing forward bend

the michabella pose


2. This week I tried the Limited Edition Red Bull's, Cranberry (red) and Blueberry (purple/blue). Totally digging the taste of them! I am kind of picky when it comes to energy drinks, so it's a pretty big deal in my book. These flavored ones better stick around or I am writing a nasty letter to Red Bull headquarters..... :D

And yes, I am aware energy drinks are horrible. I don't drink them that often.

3. I love me some maxi dresses! They're just super easy, especially when you live the island life. It's my way of dressing up. I recently bought a couple from Forever 21- super cute and awesomely priced! One and two. You're welcome.

4. After about 5 days of rain, it was so nice to see some sun!!! Jax and I were pretty pumped so we took a long morning stroll. It was still kind of cloudy so you can't fully see the mountains in the picture. I love this view from our neighborhood so much. After coming from pretty much living my whole life in Florida, I can't ever get over the hills and mountains! Gorgeous.

5. This boy... I'd be absolutely miserable without him to keep me company all day.


Hubby and I are off to an Easter service tonight since I have to nanny all weekend. We are making a date night out of it with some fro-yo afterwards. What a lovely evening its bound to be!

Hope you all have an enjoyable Easter weekend!

Christ is Risen!!


Holly said...

I love yoga!! I was doing it weekly for a while, and then I stopped. But it helped a lot with running so I need to start again!! Yay for maxi dresses, I love them!! :) Hope you had a great Easter!

Lauren said...

It looks like you're trying so hard not to laugh in that picture, love it!!! I've never tried yoga before!!!

Kasey Lynne said...

Forever 21 has the cutest dresses, but they're usually too short for this giant of a woman (5'10). boo!

I've tried yoga a few times and it kicked my BUTT. I think I need to be a little bit more in shape before I try again.