Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday Currently


reading The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. Amazing. An oldie but a goodie. Thanks to Janna for suggesting it. It's a book I feel every woman should read. I will probably read this book multiple times, it's full of goodness and truth. 
writing the Hubs and I's Hawaii bucket list. It was fun!
listening to lots and lots of rain. Ya, it's been raining all day. Yuck.
thinking about how excited I am for my parents to come here! And trying to plan out our trip home, and possibly getting a gun during that time! Woop!
smelling Just got back from the hair salon! Besides the lovely scalp massage when they shampoo your hair, the smell (and feel) of my hair after is always my favorite! 
wishing my husband's truck would quit having problems. Ugh. Luckily it's paid off so we shouldn't complain but it's a pain the a.
hoping I don't lose my sanity this week. Lots of 12 hour nanny days ahead of me.
wearing a color I love love love. OPI's Mod About You. Unfortunately, it's pretty much ruined due to a random even this weekend...mudding.
loving my hair. It's growing and I can finally notice it!
wanting all kinds of comfort food, but we are trying to eat healthy around here. Rainy, gloomy days always get me that way. I also really wanted coffee for dessert instead of the tea I am drinking in the picture above. It was too late into the evening. 
needing to do some yoga, it's so good for my back.
feeling content. We had a nice weekend together which was much needed.
clicking through bloglovin; a new blog I adore; downloading this cute freebie.


Katie said...

I Cant BELIEVE the last 10 seconds of the game!!! Awesome!!!

Samantha Curtis said...

Yay Buckeyes! What makes you a Buckeyes fan!?

Jess Casey said...

Rainy days KILL my diet! Always.

Pilgrim said...

Will trade your rain for the three inches of snow we got last night, with another inch on the way today!

Glad your parents are going to get a vacation. :-)

Katie said...

Ohh fresh hair is always the best! And isn't Nicole great! Bloom is definitely one of my favorites and she is just the sweetest!

Holly said...


Courtney B said...

That's a bucket list I'd love to be writing!!
The smell of a salon is my favorite!
I've NEVER done yoga but I'm dying to try it.

KelleeLyn said...

I always crave coffee at night too!

siddathornton said...

i absolutely LOVE your blog re-design. SO cute!

Janna Renee said...

I'm so glad you are loving the book! I want to read it again too. I think that it's something we should definitely revisit from time to time ;) Love the new blog design!