Monday, March 18, 2013

Wknd Shenanigans

{Jet, set, go}

Hey hey hey! 

In short, my visit home was lovely and much needed. I didn't realize how bad my island fever was. 7 months is way too long, idk how people live here! Anyway, I got to eat all the food Hawaii doesn't have and I had the privilege of attending two weddings in one day. Both were beautiful. I love celebrating love. Would've rather had my boys with me though, I missed them dearly. Funny how that works, ya? Some days you itch to get away from them and then the moment you leave you are miserable. Husband confessed to implanting me with some device to cause this disturbance. He would. Crazy man. Save Me.

Linking up for the first time with Sami's Shenanigans!

+ I spent my Friday brainstorming the complete re-do of the ol blog. I am stoked. I am working with a super talented, super amazing blog designer and because of that it will probably take a month til the reveal. Get excited y'all. This girl is making a come back!!!!!

+ In case you haven't heard, Google Reader is dying. I'm on Bloglovin, which I am mad that I have just now decided to join. I like it much better.

+ I have finally finished brainstorming tattoo #9. This one is going to be a pretty big deal and one of my favorites probably. I can't wait to get it, yet I have to wait. Money doesn't grow on trees and I am still pretty nervous about the location and visibility of this one. Let's just say it involves roses, a bible verse, and my forearm. Eeek!

+ Jax and I got our yoga on this past Friday. I am trying to do more of this (and at home workouts), even though it (yoga) bores the crap outta me. It's just so good for my aging body.

Downward dog? I hilarious is that?! He loves that mat. LOVE.

+ I'm not sure if I have shared this on here or not, but I am a part time nanny to two adorable Hawaiian 1 year old twins. They are a handful. I had no clue what it really was like to have children. My mind has been scarred opened and my baby fever cured... for the time being. I love them like they are my own. My favorite things: laughs, giggles, cuddles. Anyway, I spend my weekend with these kiddos. I went to bed early, woke up way too early, and thus I am sleep deprived. It's 7pm Sunday night as I write this and I am aching for my bed. If you have children, consider me awed, you supermom you!


+ My lilies bloomed! They are beautiful.

+ Ended the weekend with this. I hadn't seen a rainbow in awhile. Made me smile.

+ How handsome is he?? Love my Soldier.

Cheers from the Rainbow State!

How was your weekend??


Katie said...

I can't wait for your new blog design! It is always fun to have change. I started using Bloglovin a few months back and really like it so much better. It is easier to read blogs, comment, etc.

Lauren said...

SO SO glad I got to see you when you were here!!! Can't wait to see you again SOON!!! Love you! XO

Amy @ Heart to Shutter said...

I think I'm going to have to switch to bloglovin too but I might try out a few other readers I've found.
You dog is adorable! So cute on that mat!
How sweet! I have a soft spot for a man in uniform. My little brother is in the military too.

Kait said...

You had such a fun weekend, girl! Happy you're making a blogging comeback!

Pilgrim said...

That dog is so funny. :-)

Cute babies.

Glad you got a little vacation from your big vacation in Hawaii. :-)

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

What a cute pup! Looks like you guys had a great weekend :)

Cara said...

Oh my gosh! Jax on the mat. Hilarious. So glad that you got to take a trip home and spend some much needed time away! I know the feeling. I bet you even appreciate Hawaii just a little more now too. Cute pic of you and your husband.

Holly said...

I loved following your trip home via Instagram!! But I'm glad you're enjoying being back with the hubs :)

Ashley said...

Oh boy, you're getting a new tattoo?! I was just thinking about getting one today, but I'm too scared.

I like yoga. It always makes me feel more relaxed. Jax seems to love it. :)

Yeah moms have the hardest job. One of my friends from Michigan was here earlier this month with her husband and two kiddos. They are a major handful... it was eyeopening, and we didn't have to spend all day and night with them.

Janna Renee said...

I used to be a nanny and I loved it! I don't want my own, but I liked being paid to play with kids ;)