Friday, April 26, 2013

A better plan

April 2012. I took a huge leap of Faith last year and hopped on a plane to meet/visit a special someone in Hawaii that I had grown very close to over the past 8 months. My best friend. I was scared but excited. Nervous but confident. Giddy but wanting to vomit {in a good way of course, ya?}. What I didn't know was that two months later we would be eloping on a beach, committing ourselves to forever.

Many of you might know of Mrs. Sarah Tucker. She is such an amazing woman. She posted this a couple days ago and it just hit home with me.

"Someone wrote me this morning about a broken heart. I have the biggest heart for anyone going through heart break. I had my heart broken into pieces when I was 21. And if I got what I wanted at 21, I would be miserable today. Heart break hurts worse than open heart surgery. And I know both. But had I not have gone through that I wouldn't have such a full heart today. And if anything I went through it to tell this girl that Gods plan is better. Pray for your future husband and I promise God will knock it out of the park." -Sarah Tucker

I went through a lot before meeting my husband, more than I think most women go through. But, if I hadn't... I wouldn't have been the woman I am today, the woman my husband needed/needs me to be. I'd be miserable

God knew what he was doing.


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Such a good post how things can change and develop in a few short months! Happy for you!!!

Cara Howard said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!! AMEN! His plan is BETTER! Heartbreak is REAL but when the gift comes, oh gosh does it ever come!!!

Cara said...

Love this. So true. I think that everyone should go through a REALLY bad heartbreak so that we learn to appreciate the love when we do have it.

tara said...

<3 <3 <3

Ashley said...

I absolutely love this! There is always a better plan if we'll allow it to unfold. Heart break does hurt as badly, but it always makes you stronger.

I've been seeing some really great and uplifting things on blogs, Twitter, and Instagram lately... maybe having a smart phone isn't so bad after all. ;)

Kasey Lynne said...

Love what Sarah Tucker posted. It's SO true. God's plan is way better than ours EVER could be.