Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Product of the Week - Lipstick


I decided to give lipstick a try last week. I am absolutely not a lipstick girl. Love me some Burt's Bees chapstick okay?! I don't think, prior to last week, that I have ever bought lipstick. I see lipsticks posts all the time on blogs and pinterest. Aubrey's post may or may not have prompted me.

I like my makeup pretty natural looking so I wanted to try the nude/light pink shades that are perfect for spring. Oh my goodness, what an overwhelming event. I am pretty sure I spent 30-45 minutes in the makeup isle. So many beautiful colors, too many decisions. But alas, I fell hard for one...


Selfie pictures:

I honestly think any skin type could pull off this color. It's beautiful! Go get yourself one and give it a try! It's only $5 :)  It's a matte color so if you wanted shine just add some lip gloss. I did grab a few other colors, because I have problems making decisions, so I am going to give those a try to too!

*This is a great tutorial for using lipstick. (I actually use concealer instead of foundation)

Do you wear lipstick?

*Hubby approved


Vivika Vain said...

Great color! I can't agree more with you, I love chapsticks!

tara said...

i have yet to become a lipstick person! i think i just need to find the perfect one!

Jane @ Poppiness said...

Fun color! I love it. Perfect for spring and summer!

Holly said...

So fun and looks great! I have sooo many lipsticks but never use them more than once because they never look good on me :( I usually settle for a nude color, and I have one now which I LOVE!

Kasey Lynne said...

I'm not a lipstick girl either. Chapstick all the way!! But that light pink color looks great on you! I have pretty fair skin, so I'm not sure how this light of a color would look.