Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yogatic/Ekhart Yoga

I still consider myself very much a yoga novice. It wasn't until recently that I have really put attention to breathing, meditating (or trying to), and feeling the movements of my body with each pose. I think I like Vinyasa Flow Yoga the best, but am still going to try the other styles. Due to lack of funds, I am not a member of a gym or yoga studio so I do my yoga at home in our yoga/workout/mancave room. I like to switch up yoga/workout routines because I get bored very easily. Yesterday I found an amazing YouTube channel. There are many free videos offered, a few different teachers, and an option to subscribe at a really great price if you want to go that route. They also have different yoga programs to choose from. It was like hitting the jackpot y'all so I had to share. Go check it out!

You can thank me later ;)



Ashley said...

I just might have to check this out, because I want to do yoga but can't afford to take classes. I have a yoga dvd, but I don't like doing the same workout every couple of days. :) Good find!

Holly said...

Ooo I will have to check this out!! Thanks for sharing :)