Friday, May 17, 2013

His Mistresses

It's time to get real...

My husband has not one, but three mistresses. Yep, no sugar coating that.

 He spends money on them, takes them on special dates, feeds them, loves on them, bathes them. It's pretty darn serious y'all. I've actually met all of them and well, they are pretty sweet.




Secretly, I want Sally. Technically, she is now mine.

What's yours is mine babe!! {insert evil laugh} I love marriage!

Is your man into his cars? If not, what is the hobby he spends time/money on?


Alison said...

Ha! Love it & have so been there! In the past it was a truck, but now it is Bass Guitar Gear (amps, pedals, etc...).

It's always thought of as the wife being the spender, but I know plenty of husbands who give the title a run for its money!

Kasey Lynne said...

Have you been on the back of his motorcycle?? My husband used to have a bike and I was way too chicken to ride on it. There's too many stupid drivers out there!

Sally is a gorgeous car! Lucky you girl!

Jane said...

How fun!

Pilgrim said...

Don't tell him there may be a minivan in his future. :-)