Thursday, January 31, 2013


reading divergent, by veronia roth. loving it so far!
writing lists, whatever is on my scattered mind so i don't forget.
listening to the tv. has anyone caught anthony bourdain's new show, the taste? I'm totally digging it. but then again, i like bourdain.
thinking again, about a million things! but mainly taking care of my sweet furbaby. we had another hefty vet visit. trying to eliminate what he is allergic to now. picked up some new food to try, wheat free, gluten free. if your dog has food allergies i would love to hear your input!
smelling these freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I can't help it... I've been stress eating and these are so good. ya know, the kind where you can't eat just one.
wishing for things to run smoothly in the next few months and to handle things between military stuff, babysitting, and a deployment looming.
hoping to get some type of regular schedule back; to emotionally survive everything going on; to regain confidence/strength at the gym.
wearing pjs, no makeup, fresh outta the shower...lookin' sexy
wanting a mind free of worry, stress, etc.; long luscious hair; to enjoy running again.
needing to clean our town home. it's crazy how messy it gets... i blame it all on the furbaby and soldier boy.
feeling tired and my muscles hurt so bad. i need more sleep... or more coffee.
clicking through pinterest. i took a break from it for awhile but started back pinning. love finding awesome things.

hope y'all are having a great week so far! 

ps- i always feel like a total rebel for typing all lowercase! haha.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Nail Files


 Linking up a day late! On Pinterest I kept seeing a beautiful white color. I was determined to get my hands on it! And y'all, it is by far my favorite color. It is the perfect white. 

Essie- Marshmellow

{glitter: NYX}  

Funny thing... I went to the beach after doing my nails and the sun ended up turning them yellow! I was so mad, lol. I just buffed off the top coat and painted one coat over it. I now know I need a UV top coat when I wear this color again. 

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Faking It

Let's talk hair.

I get bored with hair easily. But right now, I am trying to grow it out, so I gotta suck it up. I have been stalking Pinterest's Health & Beauty section. You all surely must be familiar with Kate from The Small Things Blog. She is like the hair guru of the Pinterest world. Luckily for me, she posted a video the other day on Faking Natural Curls.

This girl fakes it good! I mean, I don't believe that she doesn't have natural curly hair. Her hair is envious. Anyway, so I thought I would give it a shot.... but the cheaper version. Who has money to spend on high end hair products these days?! (I wish).

So off to Walmart I went, at 9pm at night. Left with a $15 Conair curling iron, Organix Moroccan Sea Salt Spray, and some curl enhancing spray from John Freida. 

The next morning I followed her tutorial to a T. I have never used a curling iron so it took some getting use to. A few burns on the fingers later...It turned out decent for being my first time. I was pretty pumped. My mom use to curl my hair with those old school curlers! I've done my hair about 4 times now. I looks better every time. I love it. But I wish someone else could do it for me and that my hair was longer and blonde, but oh well. My arms get SO tired, I have to take breaks. Pathetic I know. So overall I think Kate's tutorial is awesome, as well as her tips on hair. Visit her blog when you get a chance!

The only decent picture I have of my hair results:

{Hubby approved}

+Have any hair tips on growing hair out? 
+Favorite hair products for curls or affordable hair products I absolutely must have?
+Have any of you used the Not Your Mother line? 
+Any hair moisture tips or masks that you swear by? I see them on Pinterest but am nervous to try them.
+Favorite hair/beauty blogs?

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Nail Files

Happy Friday! 

This week's nails I decided to do something a lil fun. My inspiration came from two nail designs I saw on Pinterest, granted theirs looks far much better.

The colors I used are Essie: Butler Please and Good As Gold. I loved how it turned out, but my husband loved it the most! If you do try the chevron manicure, do not use tape like it suggests! Tape has too strong of an adhesive and it ripped up some of the nail polish. I used some Avery labels. 

 Have a great weekend, friends! 


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

midweek confessions


...I have a serious case of baby fever. I even started a baby Pinterest board. All you cute lil mamas with cute lil babies on IG aren't helping either.

...I need more human interaction instead of just Jax, even though he responds with the sweetest kisses. I spend my day stuck in a book or schoolwork these days.

...I need to get my shit together. I go through workout/running spurts like no other. It's no wonder I have stretch marks!

...Most days, I have no idea what day it is.

...I love Ghost Adventures, but sometimes I get scared. Hubby and I have even made a date night out of it. We're wild ones. {new episodes on fridays, fyi}

...My husband forced me to run by a reward of Froyo. My legs were KILLIN me the next day. Yep. Wake up call. #willrunforfood #froyototallyworthit

 {will run for food face}

...I cried this week. Oahu has seen way too much animal cruelty lately. It even made the news last night. I hope to be like Miranda Lambert someday and help these fur babies in more ways then I can now.

...Seeing this picture of our Ethiopian sponsor child made my day.

...I force my husband to listen to the Biebs when a song of his comes on the radio. Muahaha.

...I'm obsessed with Sriracha and Pho. And I have always loved rice. I've been making Asian dishes a lot too. Guess them Hawaiians are growing on me.

...Hubby and I have had some marital problems lately. We've only been married for 7 months now. It's been very tough for us. A lot of factors have caused it, but mainly it comes down to communication, the most important thing in a relationship. We are working through it. Advice, tips, etc appreciated :)

What are your confessions this week? 

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Nail Files

I have always loved nail polish and painting my nails. I have way too many, wait NO. You can never have to many. Anyway, I have been obsessing over Tara and some other ladies posting their fabulous nails of the week. Not to mention some lovelies on Pinterest. It's almost overwhelming.

Well, I have decided to join in on the fun with Tara and Vicki and link up with The Nail Files!

Here are my pretties of the week:

 {Such a pretty light pink. Takes a few coats to get it even. Essie-Guchi Muchi Puchi, Glitter: Essie-As Gold As It Gets, which I love because it's a settle gold.}

{Dark Purple Grey, my current favorite, Essie-Smokin' Hot; Light Grey, Essie-Chinchilly; Glitter- NYX}

I use Revlon's Extra Life No Chip Top Coat. It's pretty awesome. I would love to get Seche Vite, but apparently you can't ship nail polish to Hawaii and no stores here on the island sell it. Go figure.

Have a great weekend! 

If you're looking for some cuteness, be sure to check out my morning chat with Jax.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Morning Chats

In case you didn't hear, I am pretty much a SAHFM. What's that? A Stay At Home Fur Mom. Yep. I mean, I need some kind of title for my joblessness. And Jax is basically like my child. I am even having to play Dr Mom lately. Hence the cone of shame in this video of our little morning chat, more on that later


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Savoring my 'free' time with my boy....

Date night- Ghost Adventures. 
One episode actually scared the crap out of me!

Long stroll through our lil town today. 
Didn't make it to the beach like planned because some lil boy is very much out of shape!


Afternoon Cuddles 


Monday, January 7, 2013

How Do You?

How do you get back into blogging?

I've been trying... seeing y'all on Instagram always gets me in the mood, but then I come on here and have NOTHING to write..... Blah! 

Would love tips, ideas, etc. 


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh hello, 2013

How I still have over 600 followers baffles me....

I have been an AWFUL blogger. Please forgive me?

Things have been busy, hard, emotional since I last posted. This new year won't be any different, though I do hope to make some changes for the better.

I think this will be my quote for the year (courtesy of Jenni):

It was a fabulous night ringing in the new year with my Hubby by my side. 

Wishing you all lots of love and happiness in 2013! 

ps- I know one pretty lady has had a wonderful start to her new year...CONGRATS! xoxo!