Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fur-Mom Files

Picture after picking up my babies in FL after they flew in all the way from Hawaii!

Being a fur-mom of two, I'd like to believe I've become quite the master of all things dog related. I am always on the hunt for the best bargain and researching things all the time. Having two dogs is quite a bit more expensive than just one, something often overlooked when taking in another.  So I know everyone loves good finds and saving money! So each week I'll be here to share these finds with my fellow dog mommas!

When it was only Jax, I never had to deal with ear/yeast infections til we got Gemma. She has had a few now, and then even Jax had a couple. After much of my own research to narrow down what may be the cause of these and a change of diets (gluten/sugar free foods,) I think I've finally got a handle on it. 

But because of these multiple ear infections, the bill added up quickly. While we were in between moves in NC they BOTH got ear infections and I refused to go to some random vet. I turned to the interwebs for some at-home rememdies. Apple cider vinegar, yogurt, etc were a no-go. So I scoured the web again to try and find products similar to what the vet prescribed us. 

Alas, after researching and reading reviews on Amazon and 1800PetMeds, I found the solution!

 Overall this is a fantastic product! I used this for about 5 days on my dogs ears and you can tell right away they felt relief. Ears were quickly healed of the infections. Amazon never lets me down! And for just $13 and FREE SHIPPING {if you're a Prime member} it's a steal. No more $100+ vet visits for this momma! 

This should definitely be a staple in your house if your dog is prone to ear/yeast infections.

What are you favorite doggie finds lately?

Note- I am not a veterinarian. Use with discretion. Consult your vet before using this product if you have concerns.

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Miss Chelsea said...

ooh I think I need to look into that stuff. Russell gets the stinkiest ears and, like you, not much else that I've tried seems to clear it up