Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm the Kinda Girl Who...

*Loves to smile

*Has to have a clean house before going to bed {ie- kitchen, dog toys in their basket, etc}

*Doesn't trust easy

*Is horrible at making decisions

*Complains that she is fat while stuffing my face with pizza and froyo

*Should not be messed with when hungry or tired

*Never leaves the house without make-up on

*Despises talking on the phone. {Text me!}

*Rarely finishes a meal at a restaurant {Hello leftovers!}

*Thinks music is good for the soul

*Gets a pedicure just to sit in the amazing massage chairs

*Has a ridiculous love for coffee

*Is very much a morning person

*Hates being late

*Gets anxiety every now and then and worries about things she shouldn't

*Ridiculously spoils her fur-babies

*Enjoys the thrill of finding steals in the Clearance section of a store


Night Owl said...

Music is good for the soul. and before I go to bed if my room is dirty I have to clean it or else I can't sleep good.

SeattleSarah said...

Good to see you back on here :-)

Michelle said...

You're back!!!! It's been awhile :)

I relate to so many of these things...being a morning person and a coffee person especially :)