Monday, February 24, 2014

Making a Comeback

Well, I went from a beautiful & warm Hawaiian life... crazy cold weather with no beach in sight.

Change is good, though. I'm finally learning to embrace it.

We have finally settled in to our temporary home of Chattanooga, TN for the next 3-4 years. We finally have our car, our household goods, new furniture, new digs. Life is good.

I am so happy to be back on the Mainland, but there are so many things I miss about Hawaii. That lil island became my home. I learned to finally love it and I fell hard. It was made sweeter with the amazing friends that turned into family while I was there. Thus being the hardest to say good bye to. But such is military life. This was my very first PCS (permanent change of station). I am so thankful for a supportive husband. He constantly reminds me that each place we move will be different. There will be things we love, things we hate, and great friends along the way.

I am so thrilled to be back to blogging. I've truly missed it, though I did enjoy the hiatus! I know many of you have kept up with me via Instagram. I am on Twitter now, so be sure to find me (@michward4). Excited to get back into the swing of things! 


ps- If you've ever lived in or visited Chattanooga, we are looking for your favorite things to do! Let us know!


Brittany Fry @ The 26th of August said...

Awe you poor thing!! I would have preferred moving back in the spring or summer but say hello to winter! I don't have any recs for Chatanooga because I am in Ohio but I am sure you will soon find fun stuff to do and places to explore. Welcome back!!!

Ashley Marie said...

welcome back! I am from a Navy family and I loved moving all the time. It does make it hard now as an adult because I don't really have that option. Enjoy the travel and meeting so many fun people! I haven't been to Chattanooga before so I don't have any suggestions ... except do your best to stay warm lol =)

Rebekah said...

Moving is one of the hardest parts of military life but it is what you make of it! I'm happy you're settled!

Mrs. M ~ a.k.a. ~ April said...

I'm so glad that you are back! We thought about Tennesse or my husband did and I was like no thanks! But I'm glad that you all are settling in well. Welcome back!!

Holly said...

Happy that you're back!! I've missed ya!!

Nicole said...

I'm sad and excited for you all in one. That first Hawaiian picture is beautiful. Makes me want to hop a plane and take up residence. The snow makes me a tad jealous too. I think TN would be a fabulous temporary home! I'm glad you are enjoying your new home!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Glad for the update! I just kept seeing you everywhere wasn't sure where you were ending up!